Humble Pie with HP sauce – World Cup musings

Well, who would have thought it? England in the 2018 World Cup semifinals, only the third time its been done. A month ago, I would have laughed at you at such a thought but look at them now. Let me be the first to admit, I was pretty dismissive of their chances but in this […]

The World Cup, what of it?

I have to admit, the older I get, the further I become disconnected with the higher reaches of the game. The Premier League, to me, is over-rated and ruined with Sky’s ‘support’ to the tune of billions of £, and it seriously means nothing to me. The players? Well, I wouldn’t be able to name […]

Yorkshire in a World Cup? Why not?

Let’s face it, when it comes to sport, there’s nothing that we like better in the Broad Acres; throw in some decent beer and some proper food, and well, that’s us all happy. Cricket has, for more years than we can remember, been the biggest county level sport in Yorkshire with rugby (both codes) not […]

Lowest of the low…

Ryan Mason. A young player who announced on Tuesday that he is having to quit playing the sport he loves, due a head injury sustained in an accidental collision with another player. So sad when you hear of this. Head injuries are nasty things and given the choice, and his young family, he’s made the […]

Sulky Sutton Utd

Most of you, my readers, will remember Sutton Utd’s amazing run to the FA Cup fifth round, dispatching Leeds Utd on that Sunday afternoon before taking on Arsenal in a prestigious live Monday evening game, made famous by goalkeeping coach Wayne Shaw’s naive actions over a pie as the Gunners won 2-0. However, the U’s […]

Is the National League South easier than the North?

When you look at it, its probably not the question of the moment, but when you sit down and think, there’s definitely a case for the South being the slightly easier ride. For a start, the geographical distances involved travelling about the North add some extra burdens to the teams.  Now that Blyth Spartans have […]

Billericay Town – boom or bust?

The biggest talking point in non league football at the moment, and the issue that seems to dividing fans to one viewpoint or the other is the situation surrounding Bostik Premier League club Billericay Town. Entrepreneur Glenn Tamplin's acquisition of the club and subsequent massive bankrolling of the club to allow the signings of such […]

Ground grading

This article was originally written in March 2017 for the excellent North Ferriby Utd fanzine ‘View from the Allotment End’. Once again we get to this time of year when ground grading becomes a hot topic across non-league football. This year, it could impact promotion hopes as well as increase relegation fears, throwing playoffs into […]

Can a non-league club lose its soul?

Hampton’s time in the playoffs came to an end this weekend at Ebbsfleet Utd. Given as how the club was given its place in the playoffs by the ground standards of others, I guess that’s no real surprise. However, the reaction of some of the Ebbsfleet supporters on social media after the match set my […]