Hidden Olympics

(General sports content) And this is why there’s not as much Olympics coverage this time as in the past. The IOC have followed the example of many sports governing bodies, letting the Games hide behind what’s effectively a paywall… None of them seem to realise, that although the money is needed, wider exposure will make it more […]

Chillo – Chris Chilton

I never saw the late Chris Chilton play for Hull City, he retired just at the time I was coming into the world. I wish I had been able to, the film clips that we have now are such a poor substitute. His partnership with Ken Wagstaff was such that apparently goals were always on […]

The European Money League

Edit – Weds 21st – all the Premier League clubs announce withdrawal from the competition. Well, we know what the biggest story in European sport is at the minute, don’t we? In many ways, what we are seeing is the endgame of the process that began with the breakaway to form the Premier League in […]

Well, that’s it then.

The ongoing saga surrounding the Step 2 seasons involving National League North and South clubs has finally come to what appears to be a form of a conclusion. The FA Alliance Committee rubber-stamped the recommendation from the National League Board to declare the Step 2 season null & void as per the votes cast as […]

Naked ambition

This is not the blogpost I was going to publish today but it’s a post that needs making. Following the published results of the National League’s written resolutions, a cabal of disgruntled North and South clubs have published an open letter to the National League’s interim leader, Mark Ives. The essense of the letter is […]

National League Loans – it’s madness

There’s been a lot of talk for and against the National League clubs taking up the proffered loans from Sport England and the DCMS, just so the season could be completed. I’ve even heard some think that because the grants were taken up earlier, the clubs have some sort of obligation to carry on, and […]

Cut them some slack, keyboard warriors

Well, the 2020-21 National League season has not been blessed with good fortune. Clubs are struggling to get matches played, and are being forced to postpone matches due to players contracting the virus, so creating fixture backlogs seldom seen in football. With there being no supporters permitted into grounds, and no opportunity to create revenue […]

Grounds across England

Originally written for the excellent North Ferriby fanzine, ‘View from the Allotment End’, back in February 2020 (back in the Old days!), its a ramble through 12 years of visiting non league grounds across the country. I’m sure supporters of the clubs concerned will either like or hate me for it, but as always, my […]

Writing on the wall

Well, that’s that. The 2019-20 Championship season has finally ended. We know who that champions are, and a more unpopular one you’ll find hard to come across. Leeds Utd, a self proclaimed big club, will be back in the Premier League next season and already many of the supporters of other clubs are wishing they […]

Non League 3G pitches

It will soon get to the time of year when the weather will close in and takes its toll on the non league fixture list, and no doubt this will lead to calls that the game needs more artificial pitches to allow the matches to be completed. The latest National League South club to install […]