The day after…

Here in west London, the sun rises on a brand new day. Much to do, as is always on a Monday. The metropolis moves on as it has done since time immemorial.

It rises over the fair city of Kingston Upon Hull as well. It rises over a city whose football club is looking forward to revisiting Wembley Stadium for the second time in a season.

It rises over the 30,000 or so who, like me, trekked to the national stadium to see their beloved Tigers ultimately prove their difference in class over their League One opponents Sheffield Utd, winning 5-3, and thus equalling the highest number of goals scored in an FA Cup semifinal.

It rises over manager Steve Bruce, the man who has been instrumental in turning the club around, making astute signings, being tactically adventurous and being the man.

It rises over Curtis Davies, the team’s rock. A towering display in the centre of defence plus the man who resorted to unleashing a half time rocket to the team while Steve Bruce sipped his tea. It worked.

It rises over each and every man in the squad who put aside a lukewarm first half to race out of the traps in the second half to score 3 unanswered goals and turn the game.

Finally, it rises over Wembley. Here, it all came together yesterday; club, fans, manager, captain and team. That magnificent arena in north west London that has seen so many triumphs and so many disappointments.

Isn’t it good being a Hull City fan at the moment…?


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