Well, that’s almost it then!

Another football season draws to a close for most in the Ryman Premier League. Champions have been confirmed, as has the teams that are to be relegated,

12 teams are still fighting for promotion through the playoffs. However, Maidstone Utd are not one of them.  For months, their campaign to have their 4G pitch accepted by the Conference League member clubs overshadowed their results on the pitch itself until finally decisions were made.

The Conference member clubs said no to allowing the Kent club to use their artificial pitch should they be promoted, yet they were given permission to use it if they got to the playoffs. That didn’t make sense, for what happened if they had qualified and won them?

As it’s turned out, its all now superfluous as they couldn’t last the pace and hold onto their top 6 place, leaving them with another season in the Ryman. Will they do it all again next season? Fight the Conference member clubs, make a strong start and slide away at the end?

Perhaps they need to sit down and work out if all this fighting is having an effect on the team, and if it would be better to accept the decision of the Conference member clubs and work on being persuasive? Surely that ought to be more successful than crossing swords with all and sundry. 4G pitches will be accepted in the end but surely the softly, softly approach has more to commend it than using the blunt instrument of the law?


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