Not again!

Once again I open the blog to despair about the club I used to call mine, the Hull City of Adam Pearson, Dean Windass and so on.

The FA Independent Tribunal has chosen to set aside the decision made last year to refuse the club’s application to change the playing name to Hull Tigers, but not on the basis on which they appealed.

Instead the tribunal chose to set it aside on the grounds that one of the FA committee members was biased and based his decision solely on the views of the fans, and not the business case so ineptly presented to the council.

The committee member concerned? The Football Supporters Federation Chairman, Malcolm Clarke! Excuse me, have I missed something here?

The club are now reacting in high glee about this, as they never wanted the fans involved in what they considered a purely business decision.

Indeed, the FA says as much in their findings, castigating the club for its uninspiring ‘ballot’ and on how the fans views were not recognised until very late in the process.

It all suggests that the club really would rather the fans didn’t exist, being solely there to be a cash cow for the business, buying hundreds of pounds for season tickets and merchandise with no say whatsoever in the club.

It looks as if the Hull City Supporters Trust will have more work to do but given as how the previous club business case was so weak and unconvincing, it’s going to be hard to see what difference a new application would make.

Bet your last penny, Assam Allam will go for this again and once more the significant block against them will have to state their case again.

Pathetic, isn’t it? A chairman that has no regard for the views of the fans, and will do whatever HE wants regardless.  He could have been a great name in the history of Hull City AFC but he’ll go down in a similar light to David Lloyd…


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