Meltdown in the Trophy room?

There’s an old saying, “After the Lord Mayors Show comes the dustcart”, meaning that after the highs, there have to be lows.

At Church Road, North Ferriby, that has become true in a very stark and abrupt way this weekend for North Ferriby Utd.

The owners have decided that, even though they have recently won the FA Trophy, the club is not sustainable at Conference North level and may well have to apply for a voluntary relegation or even further back into the Evo-Stik league, in addition to having to release some of the players.

The alternative endgame has been seen in leagues throughout the nation, with the likes of Hereford Utd being the prime example as a club going under through unacceptable level of debt.

There has been a lot of anger and frustration over the decision, mostly because the club had a wonderful day at Wembley last month and won the FA Trophy.

Would everyone have reacted differently if the club had not had that day? I doubt there would have been much reaction if at all!

At least the owners have had the sense to recognise that they can’t continue to pump money into the club with no prospect of getting a return. This way, the club will continue and not go under; potential new owners will be able to take the club forward in what is hoped a sustainable manner.

Too often the fans have been the ones to suffer. This way, they will still have a club and the journey can go on for the Villagers.


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