FIFA Turkeys not voting for Xmas

In spite of all the revelations of the last few days, Sepp Blatter (Septic Bladder) has been returned as FIFA president by the turkeys, ahem, the members. 

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise as the gratitude of the smaller, less influential nations for Bladder’s ‘investments’ means they can be blind to a much larger picture. Perhaps they agree with what President Putin has said about US involvement and that it’s a witch hunt. 

Bladder’s statement which effectively says he’s not responsible for what his federation heads do – yes, we’re looking at you, Jack Warner – actually beggars belief. If he wasn’t aware, he was incompetent; if he did, then he’s as complicit as those charged. And he’s the man whom 133 nations chose to oversee the organisation and therefore the world game? Here, we have a man who has apparently grown to like the power the position gives him and is starting to make a fairly large proportion of the the world game believe that the power he wields has corrupted him. 

It’s starting to look as if the only way he’ll leave office is in a pine box with handles, there’s no way he’ll go voluntarily. Speaking personally, I do hope the various investigations spread between the FBI and the Swiss police DO find something to which Bladder can be implicated; then and only then, can the game be cleansed. 

However, those who voted him back into office will still back him… Not surprising really.

UPDATE 30/05: this report from BBC news shows that he really does look to be in it for himself. He doesn’t think anything is wrong and believes that the world is out to get him and FIFA. Some would possibly call it naivety but I don’t think it can be. Obviously a man who believes whatever he’s told…


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