The FA gets it right for once

I know on this blog I’ve given the FA some grief over the years but this week they showed that, occasionally, they do get it. 

An FA commission decided that Hull City midfielder Jake Livermore should not receive any further sanction beyond what had already been laid upon him after the player tested positive for a banned substance, cocaine. 

What wasn’t known at the time of his failed test was the deep depths of depression the player had fallen into following the tragic and heart-rending death of his new-born son some months previously. 

The commission accepted expert testimony from medical professionals that the balance of his mind was not right and the episode was a one off in an attempt to deal with his illness. 

The pleasing thing I noticed was that there was an ex-player on the commission panel, former Blackburn Rovers winger Stuart Ripley, who is now an experienced solicitor. He at least would understand some of the pressure Livermore was under. 

Thankfully the club have backed Livermore to their fullest extent, and although he will be targeted by the drugs testers for a year, which would have been unavoidable, he can get back on the road to rebuilding his life and career. The guy has had enough suffering to deal with, let’s not make it worse.


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