Premier League again for Hull City, and can we have new owners please?

Well, that’s the curtain on a great season of football, at least it is if you’re in my shoes.

Hampton & Richmond Borough were champions of the Ryman Premier and now Hull City have returned to the Premier League, that Temple of Mammon and such like, after beating Sheffield Wednesday today.

Yet on this day, the loudest noise from outsiders was over the fact that the Tigers did not sell out their Wembley allocation, leaving large swathes of seating unoccupied. This has annoyed a lot of people who have really have no idea and they should, and excuse me for speaking rather bluntly, shut up as they are showing their ignorance over the now deep seated antipathy towards the Allam Family.

With the large amount of disillusionment concerning the way the fans themselves have been treated by the owners which is still floating around Hull and east Yorkshire, I would have been absolutely amazed if the allocation had been sold.

Those who might have gone under any other circumstances, just weren’t interested in going, even to Wembley.  The draw of the national stadium wasn’t enough to persuade them to make the journey south. But when you think about it, Wembley is rather passe for the Tigers these days, given the number of visits there in the last 10 years.

I’ve heard it said that all this is all stupid, and that no matter what we feel about the Allams, we should all go to Wembley, because its Wembley!!

Rot! Absolute rot!  Many people do not want to support the club because of their feelings towards the owners, and the sparkle of a Wembley visit and possible promotion was never going to completely overturn that.

Especially given the lack of consultation with the fans over the proposed ‘membership scheme’ replacing the season tickets and concessions. For some people, today’s game might be the last game they take in, bar the odd away trip to Leicester, or the Etihad for example, such is their disgust over the way the Allams have decided to treat the fans.  The club won’t even acknowledge the Hull City Supporters Trust’s letter which sought clarification over the scheme. Is this a club that seriously thinks of its fans?

As regards the ticket allocation for the play off final, Sheffield Wednesday sold out their allocation because they’ve got the fans to be able to do so, plus they haven’t been there for many years, so there was still an element of novelty.

I know some people are saying be careful what you wish for and don’t forget the past. However, I’d settle for the past, rather than have people running the club who have no real idea about the importance of Hull City to the area. Better to have a club in league 1 that has the backing of the whole city than have it divided as widely as it is now and in the Premier League.

Football365 makes it clearer…

Oh and those Leeds Utd fans on Twitter who still call themselves Yorkshire’s number one club… Since when? You may have one of the bigger fan bases in the area but seriously, guys, you’ve won nothing for years, so you’re not exactly a big club any more. Grow up and smell the Aire, you’re not big any more.  Even the Wednesday are bigger than you these days…


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