Who’d be a manager, eh?

Come on, let’s face it, we’ve all thought we could do better than our local team’s manager. Especially when times are tough for them. All the best managers are in the stands, if you listen to the comments.

When things are going well though, then its different. The manager is a genius! Best man for the job and so on.

Its a precarious job, no kidding and the rewards are many if you get it right. Get it wrong and bam! you’re out, on the street and washed up.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen some curious news stories regarding managers in the Non League game; some having decent runs and some having poor ones.

At Tranmere, Gary Brabin started off the season well despite just missing out on the playoffs in the previous season. He’d led the team to 6 wins in the first month of the season, and had the team at the top after the Bank Holiday.

Not bad, you might think, and he was awarded August’s manager of the month for it. Think he was safe? Wrong.

4 matches in September, without a win and he’s out. I can understand Tranmere’s ambition, but to swing the axe after what might be just a blip, well that’s too harsh.

At the other end of the table, York City’s Jackie McNamara is defying all the odds, as no matter what he does, he seems to be glued to the managerial desk.

In his 43 games in charge of the Minstermen, he’s managed to win just 8 of them! He couldn’t prevent their relegation from the Football League and this season has been no different. 43 games is in essence a season, 8 wins and 10 draws would see almost every club within the bottom 2 of most leagues.  

How is he staying in his job??? You go from Tranmere’s ambition, sacking Brabin after a short blip to York City, who seemingly don’t have any. Even survival will be a tall order for them at this rate. The York City chairman, Jason McGill, appears to believe McNamara is still his chosen man, but most people can’t see how.

Spare a thought though for Ryman South’s Godalming Town and their manager Andy Hunt. Struggling in the first month of the season without a win, on Monday night the G’s went down to Carshalton on Monday night and were utterly humiliated by a 10-0 defeat. Rather than wait to be pushed, he jumped.

I suspect if Jackie McNamara lost by that margin, he’d be given a new contract…

And I’ve not mentioned the new Leatherhead manager either!



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