Well Sam, you blew it!

The news has only just begun to sink in. 

The England coach Sam Allardyce has been removed from his post because he was stupid enough to use his position to feather his nest and also over very indiscreet remarks over previous managers and also about the figurehead president of the FA, William, the Duke of Cambridge.

Throw in the fact he was going to advise on how to beat the rules on third party ownership of players, showing a disregard for FA rules as well, it does not make good reading.

He had only just been appointed when he was caught by an undercover reporter for the Telegraph, of all papers (previously it was the tabloid end of the market who resorted to this).

Admittedly, I don’t care much for this tactic (and I really don’t agree with the wild conspiracy theories which include the Telegraph being an FA plant) but Sam has not learned from history.

Hodgson was caught out with off the cuff remarks on the tube, Sven by the News of the World’s ‘fake sheikh’, Capello with his ratings and the list goes on.

Sam forgot that if you’re going to use your position to make cash, you should always get a middleman to do the negotiating, then if it goes tits-up, you’re nowhere near the scene.

The scary thing is that he was willing to speak so openly about behind the scenes matters with someone he barely knew.

Was Sam so excited about the position he had achieved (something I don’t think he could even have thought of in his younger days) that he completely forgot the rules?

He dropped his guard so much that he sounded like he was almost talking to mates down the pub! He should have known better, in his position. 

So who now? It won’t be Southgate, Pardew I don’t rate, Wenger won’t leave Arsenal (not after the season has started) so perhaps Steve Bruce might get his turn after all.

It’s all a mess, and it’s Sam’s fault.


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