England C; what news? Stuff you, signed, the FA.

One of the things to properly pee me off was the lack of any recognition that England C were playing in Estonia this week.

One article of the FA website dated October 20th and that was it. Nothing until after the match, when a report appeared, see below.

Once again, the PTB fawn over the overpaid professionals playing at Wembley, led by a second rate caretaker manager, in a friendly that had little in the way of meaning.

One way to follow the game in Estonia was through one of the correspondents from the Non League Paper, Matt Badcock, who had travelled out to cover the game and was updating via Twitter. Nothing on the official FA account though.

If you wanted to actually watch the game, you had to rely on hunting down local tv coverage online, which someone had done and shared round (was weird to listen to the commentary and suddenly hear an English name suddenly pop out!).

To my knowledge, that was it. To my mind that is just not good enough! There is a lot of coverage of the National League etc but the national semi-pro team? Oh no, apparently no interest. No one wanted to cover it. Just shows how much the FA cares when they couldn’t even promote their own team, all because Rooney etc were playing instead.

The least I would have expected would have been a short preview on the morning of the game, but nooo, the match at Wembley was consuming all of the available intelligence within the national game headquarters so the match in Tallinn was temporarily forgotten.

Well in that case, professional game, you can go run off to your paymasters and roll over; I’m not interested any more. I shall stick to non league football. If you can’t preview a match involving one of your own teams, then why bother?

Non league football; its real football with real people, remember that.



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