Billericay Town – boom or bust?

The biggest talking point in non league football at the moment, and the issue that seems to dividing fans to one viewpoint or the other is the situation surrounding Bostik Premier League club Billericay Town.

Entrepreneur Glenn Tamplin's acquisition of the club and subsequent massive bankrolling of the club to allow the signings of such players as Paul Konchesky and Jamie O'Hara has amazed and dismayed in equal measure on all sides of the game.

Indeed, the estimated weekly wage bill of the club is now in excess of £30k, and this is for a non-league step 3 club! Some step 1 clubs – the National League – will not had a budget to match this so is there any wonder people are questioning the businessman.

Fair play to the guy, he's updating the New Lodge ground, which before his takeover, was verging on the threadbare and tatty, and I'm sure most people would applaud that.

However, the reckless spending on bringing in former professional players on big contracts is one fraught with massive risk.

Many managers at the level that Billericay are in, they know full well that a successful club has to be one that gels off the field, in the dressing room and on the pitch.

Sometimes the most successful club isn't necessarily the one with the best players, or the biggest expenditure.

The most successful teams have players that would run through walls for their team mates and manager, and do it time and again. They have massive respect for their manager and work themselves into the ground for the club because they know their gaffer would do the same for them.

Look at Leicester City in the Premier League. A club without the resources of a Chelsea or a Manchester Utd, but under Claudio Ranieri, they played to their strengths and shocked the football world by being strong enough to take the title.

Two seasons ago, Hampton & Richmond Borough won the Isthmian Premier, the same level as what the Blues are now, with a wage bill estimated to be no more than a tenth of what Tamplin is alleged to be throwing around this season.

Their side wasn't necessarily the best on paper, but the team spirit was there under their charismatic manager Alan Dowson and their momentum was sufficient to carry them to the title.

Do Billericay under Tamplin have that team spirit? Can they do it on a cold wet January night at Folkestone, Leiston or Brightlingsea?

We will soon find out but if they don't and end up winning nothing after having to play 40-odd Cup finals, there's a lot of football supporters who will only too happy to throw Tamplin's boastful tweets back at him and with interest.

Is there any wonder some see Tamplin as a mixture of Donald Trump and Del Trotter? Talking the talk is fine, but if you can't walk the walk, then you have to accept that you're there to be shot down.

Let's see what the table looks like in May, shall we?

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