Lowest of the low…

Ryan Mason. A young player who announced on Tuesday that he is having to quit playing the sport he loves, due a head injury sustained in an accidental collision with another player. So sad when you hear of this.

Head injuries are nasty things and given the choice, and his young family, he’s made the only call he could.

Yet some people are so devoid of brains and sense, that they use the decision to have some disgraceful and quite shocking pops at the blameless player, Gary Cahill, after the player made a heartfelt message of sympathy towards young Ryan.

Gary Cahill

You can see it through the link above, and read the replies; believe me, there’s some that will disgust you.

I do feel sorry for the fella. He’s going to go through the rest of his life knowing his accidental act has stopped young Ryan from having his full career. Isn’t that enough?

Shows that for some, the first thing they think of is to insinuate the player doesn’t care, or that bucketloads of money should be sent to Mason to prove his compassion. Some have even gone so far as to use it to tell Cahill he should get out of Chelsea! No mention of Ryan Mason, no thought of the lad.

Isn’t it pathetic the way some people act? No compassion, no empathy, only base and crass comments.

As Hull City fans, we would have more cause than most to want heap the guilt on Cahill’s head, but what good would it do? A decent person, he will suffer enough, why make it worse?

I do concede these are only a small fraction of the Chelsea support, but this small fraction do the club they profess to follow no favours at all. I hope the true fans with an ounce of compassion and empathy make this small group see sense…

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