Lowest of the low…

Ryan Mason. A young player who announced on Tuesday that he is having to quit playing the sport he loves, due a head injury sustained in an accidental collision with another player. So sad when you hear of this. Head injuries are nasty things and given the choice, and his young family, he’s made the […]

Poor old Mike Phelan

Yesterday’s announcement of the departure of Mike Phelan from Hull City throws into sharp relief the issues at the club. The issues are not on field ones, although the Tigers are bottom of the Premier League. No, it’s right at the very top of the club, those who are supposed to be running the club. […]

Well, ain’t that something?

My views on the Premier League are rather well known (see previous blogpost). Most seasons, it’s there in the background to my real love, non league football and Hampton & Richmond Borough. Something there to pass the time, something of not much relevance to me. This only changes when Hull City make an appearance in […]

The FA gets it right for once

I know on this blog I’ve given the FA some grief over the years but this week they showed that, occasionally, they do get it.  An FA commission decided that Hull City midfielder Jake Livermore should not receive any further sanction beyond what had already been laid upon him after the player tested positive for […]

Not again!

Once again I open the blog to despair about the club I used to call mine, the Hull City of Adam Pearson, Dean Windass and so on. The FA Independent Tribunal has chosen to set aside the decision made last year to refuse the club’s application to change the playing name to Hull Tigers, but […]

Red cards, retaliations and reckless lunacy

There’s been a lot of colourful comments about these incidents so to add my petrol to the fire… If you’re a Chelsea or QPR fan then read no further, you have been warned. Nemanja MaticEveryone goes on about Ashley Barnes’s tackle being a leg breaker, but let’s just hold off with the emotive language and […]

Burying unpopular news at Hull City

Once again, Hull City have managed to make themselves a laughing stock amongst Premier League clubs, this time trying to hide a new shield/badge design in the media furore over England’s World Cup misfortune. Now this wouldn’t have been so bad, but for recent events. Back in the spring, the FA Council refused to sanction […]

FA Cup heroes!

In the best FA Cup Final for quite a few years, Hull City announced themselves to a world wide audience by taking the game to an Arsenal starting eleven, despite being worth only a tenth of the North London’s line up. The Tigers made light of the occasion and stage to rip into Arsenal from […]