Up the Beavers! Seriously…

Following the likes of Hull City for the years I have, it has sort of left me suspicious and a little wary of any success. For a long time, the supporters of the Tigers’ level of expectation was to be mid-table, win a cup game or two and not have financial issues! Their first promotion to […]

What now for K’s?

Thursday night’s decision by Merton Council to approve AFC Wimbledon’s plans for a new stadium on Plough Lane increases the prospect of their current tenants, Kingstonian FC, having to move out of the Borough of Kingston completely. Indeed it is not so fanciful to say that it also raises questions if the club could even […]

Referees – required but not respected 

Looking at the recent FA report into a survey conducted to gauge the effectiveness of their Respect programme, its no surprise that nearly two-thirds of referees who responded say they experience verbal abuse at games on a regular basis. What’s even more disturbing is that almost 20% say they have experienced physical abuse. This is […]

The FA gets it right for once

I know on this blog I’ve given the FA some grief over the years but this week they showed that, occasionally, they do get it.  An FA commission decided that Hull City midfielder Jake Livermore should not receive any further sanction beyond what had already been laid upon him after the player tested positive for […]

FIFA Turkeys not voting for Xmas

In spite of all the revelations of the last few days, Sepp Blatter (Septic Bladder) has been returned as FIFA president by the turkeys, ahem, the members.  I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise as the gratitude of the smaller, less influential nations for Bladder’s ‘investments’ means they can be blind to a much […]

Meltdown in the Trophy room?

There’s an old saying, “After the Lord Mayors Show comes the dustcart”, meaning that after the highs, there have to be lows. At Church Road, North Ferriby, that has become true in a very stark and abrupt way this weekend for North Ferriby Utd. The owners have decided that, even though they have recently won […]

Not again!

Once again I open the blog to despair about the club I used to call mine, the Hull City of Adam Pearson, Dean Windass and so on. The FA Independent Tribunal has chosen to set aside the decision made last year to refuse the club’s application to change the playing name to Hull Tigers, but […]

Red cards, retaliations and reckless lunacy

There’s been a lot of colourful comments about these incidents so to add my petrol to the fire… If you’re a Chelsea or QPR fan then read no further, you have been warned. Nemanja MaticEveryone goes on about Ashley Barnes’s tackle being a leg breaker, but let’s just hold off with the emotive language and […]

FIFA – a grubby World Cup farce

I don’t suppose many of the millions of intelligent football supporters will be surprised by the whitewash of a report from FIFA’s own internal ethics chamber.  A governing body so corrupt that nothing is a surprise anymore and makes some notoriously iffy nation states look positively godly. All overseen by a tainted president, who has […]