Lowest of the low…

Ryan Mason. A young player who announced on Tuesday that he is having to quit playing the sport he loves, due a head injury sustained in an accidental collision with another player. So sad when you hear of this. Head injuries are nasty things and given the choice, and his young family, he’s made the […]

Well, ain’t that something?

My views on the Premier League are rather well known (see previous blogpost). Most seasons, it’s there in the background to my real love, non league football and Hampton & Richmond Borough. Something there to pass the time, something of not much relevance to me. This only changes when Hull City make an appearance in […]

Burying unpopular news at Hull City

Once again, Hull City have managed to make themselves a laughing stock amongst Premier League clubs, this time trying to hide a new shield/badge design in the media furore over England’s World Cup misfortune. Now this wouldn’t have been so bad, but for recent events. Back in the spring, the FA Council refused to sanction […]

Chairman Overboard!

I wasn’t going to mention Hull City too much on this blog, wanting it to be a general football one, but the headlines in today’s Independent newspaper made it so that it became necessary. For the chairman of Hull City AFC, Assem Allam (I’m not comfortable with lauding his honorary doctorate) to state ““I don’t mind ‘City […]